Sony PS4 Rumors: Playstation Scheduled for a November Launch at US$429 Price


Sony has just unveiled the PS4 in a New York event and the curiosity on the Playstation's availability and price started to swarm numerous web sites. Kotaku web site claimed that Sony will launch the PS4 on November with a price of US$429 or US$529 depending on the internal memory capacity.

According to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun report, the Sony PS4 could be offered with a price of £270. Some consumers may find the pricing cheap but the Sony PS3 cost only £250 in Japan during its November 2006 release while the United Kingdom customers were offered a price of £425. The current PS4 release may hold a similar pricing strategy with its gaming console predecessor yet experts think the PS4 will be worth more than £250 in Japan this time.

Sony has reportedly made some major alterations to the latest PlayStation gaming console. It includes improvements on the controller as well as the internal mechanics which will allow faster and more powerful operations compared to the upcoming Xbox 720.

For other features and specifications, Kotaku further claimed that the PS4 will offer a built in PlayStation Eye with a 640×480 resolution. The VG247 games site recently suggested the PS4 will have the ability to run at approximately 1.84 teralops compared to the Microsoft's console at only 1.23 teralops. Sony PS4 reportedly shows off with its 4GB RAM where 3GB is allotted for games while the remaining 1GB is for the OS.

Though Sony PS4 has been formally unveiled, other reports claim the latest gaming console will have its official release in Japan and the United States before 2013 ends. Games developers will then have ample time to work on the PS4 until its worldwide introduction at the annual games expo E3 in Berlin this June. In Europe and the United Kingdom, the Sony PS4 release is expected some time in January or February 2014.  

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