Sony to Introduce Share Play in Fall, Announces 10 Million PlayStation 4 Sales

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PlayStation 4
Visitors take pictures of Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 new game console at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, east of Tokyo, in this September 19, 2013 file photo. Reuters

Sony has stated that Share Play will be introduced as part of its 2.00 software update for the PlayStation 4 this fall. For the uninitiated, Share Play is a feature that will let a user to allow a friend to play a game on his or her behalf. There is a rider though, as at least one of the friends will be required to have ownership of the game in question. Besides, he or she will also have to be a subscriber of PlayStation Plus. Sony had first hinted on Share Play during the unveiling of the console itself during November last.

Sony further clarified in its official PlayStation Blog stating that the Share Play will amount to virtually handling over the control to a friend or co-player when say, faced with a difficult scenario but will not require the friend to be physically located at the same spot. The friend in question is also not required to own the particular game.

Among the other features that Sony has stated will be part of the 2.0 update includes a dedicated YouTube app, mentions GameStop. This will enable users to upload saved videos directly to YouTube, something that is limited to Facebook right now. Users will also have the option to search the PlayStation Network for users using their real names.

Meanwhile, Sony also announced the PlayStation 4 has crossed the 10 million sales mark. This has been achieved in about 9 months' time since the launch of the console in November 2013. The sales feat also outpaces that of its nearest competitor, the Microsoft Xbox One that has managed to sell nearly 5 million units in spite of both being launch at around the same time, as is mentioned in a Wall Streeet Journal report. Sony though has ensured its PlayStation 4 is available in more markets worldwide compared to the Xbox One.

Another reason that can explain the better showing of the PS4 is that it was priced $100 less than the Microsoft device right from the start. Sure Microsoft made amends and have also introduced a Kinect less version of the Xbox One that is priced $399. Microsoft has reported an increase in sales of its Xbox One post the launch of the cheaper variant but has refused to divulge exact figures so far. 

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