Sony To Apple: Apple Should Release iPhones Twice A Year To Not 'Miss Out'

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Sony Xperia Z2
A Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone (L) and a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet are displayed at the company's stand during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 24, 2014. The congress is the wireless industry's largest annual conference and runs February 24-27, 2014. REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino

Sony has suggested Apple to release two iPhones every year as it is "missing out" on the opportunities.

According to the Japanese tech giant, users are always on the lookout for better and more advanced technology. Apple can maximize the market more if it will follow a similar release pattern to competitors. Can several iPhone releases do the trick or Apple should stay with its timeline? 

In an interview by The INQUIRER with Pierre Perron, Sony Mobile chief and president of NW Europe, Apple may be leaving the people hanging. The company needs to satisfy the gap between smartphone releases. The company could be losing potential customers because some are ready to buy the next best device in the market. 

Some users will not wait for the product release. Perron shared his thoughts on the increasing adoption of 4G connectivity throughout the UK: "We definitely don't want to miss out because the consumer is now getting access to 4G subscriptions more and more." 

"In the UK particularly, those consumers have now got subscriptions that give them better experiences and we need to make sure that we answer to them, so Apple's probably missing out at least this." 

Based on the data, Sony included 4K video recording function on its Xperia Z2 tablet. The feature was not available on earlier devices. Perron opened about how the cycle of updating smartphones after the company's announcement of the Xperia Z2. 

The Xperia Z2 sought to replace the Xperia Z1 only 5 months following its release. 

Perron noted why the company decided to release the Xperia Z2 despite the Z1 being relatively new in the market. He claimed Sony wanted to provide the market with "the best technology on the best platform" as well as "to make sure our consumers aren't disappointed in any way."

"There is a cycle in the chipset market which can give us the opportunity to launch a new product more often than once a year," he explained. 

"This market is going very fast. Because mobile consumers are more demanding when it comes to entertainment experience, [they] want to access music, game experiences, faster [and] easier, in a more integrated way."

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