Sons of Anarchy: Writers Relive the Heart-breaking Deaths of Tara & Opie

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FX biker series "Sons of Anarchy" never disappoints fans when it comes to epic twists and bloody deaths. Now on its seventh and final season, the esteemed writers of "Sons of Anarchy" where invited in "The Writers' Room" on Sundance Channel including showrunner Kurt Sutter to talk about the show's finale and reliving the heart-breaking deaths of Tara and Opie.

Hosted by Jim Rash, the SOA team and including co-executive producers Charles Murray and Mike Daniels revealed the process of creating the fictional town of Charming and the colourful characters that makes it interesting.

SAMCRO matriarch Gemma Teller played by Sutter's wife Katey Sagal is also in attendance as she revealed her creative process of playing the show's most hated character. Daniel and Murray also discussed some of the hardest decisions that they need to make in order including the death of Tara and Opie.

"Opie was living the life of Job, where everything was being taken away from him and then he still, because of his friendship, took that death from Jax," says Murray in an interview posted on Zap2it. "That death was based on friendship and I think if you look at all the other deaths, they earn what they earn because of the mayhem that exists, the chaos that exists in their world."

Murray also revealed that even though Opie was gone his death serves a deeper purpose and will put Jax played by Charlie Hunnam into the right direction. But after Opie's death fans did not expect that Tara played by Maggie Siff is going to meet her fate in the hands of Gemma when she was close to freedom.

Killed for the wrong reason, Tara's death left so many fans devastated and season 7 will give the show an intense finale as Jax will eventually find out that Gemma is behind his wife's brutal murder. Now that the show is close to its final production, Murray and Daniels are excited to help fans get their closure as they try to figure out how to end Jax Teller's saga.

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