‘Sons of Anarchy' Update: Cast to Tour Australia, Season 7 Spoilers

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Australian fans of FX's hit TV series "Sons of Anarchy" will be treated in an evening with SAMCRO's hardcore bikers as they answer all your questions about the upcoming Season 7.

Sergeant at arms Tig Trager played by Kim Coates, hacker and intelligent officer Juice Ortiz played by Theo Rossi and club's secretary Robert "Bobby" Munson played by Mark Boone Junior will be appearing in a moderated Q&A session around the country for the SOA cast tour.

The three lead characters will shed some light on what to expect for the shows seasons finale, which character will live or die and the future of the club now that Jax's "true north" is gone. The "Sons of Anarchy" cast tour is dedicated for the show's fans who supported the series from the very beginning.

The three SOA regulars will appear at clubs in Australia's main cities including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney this March. "An Evening with the Cast of Sons of Anarchy" will be at HQ in Adelaide on March 25, Place Theater in Melbourne on March 27, Eatons Hill Hotel in Eatons Hill on March 28, UNSW Roundhouse in Kensington on March 25 and Metropolis in Freemantle on March 30.

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is brewing new ideas for the show's finale and Season 7 is going to kick off weeks before Tara's brutal death. Now that Jax's "true north" is gone, how is he going to raise his two sons and deal with the truth that his own mother brutally murdered his wife.

When Sutter was asked how will Jax avenge Tara's death, he says: "Things get tricky here because Tara was brutally bludgeoned, drowned and stabbed to death by none other than Jax's mother, Gemma."

"If anyone else killed Jax's wife then the answer would be pretty simple: Jax would kill them. However is he really going to kill his mother? That sounds totally grotesque, but only time will tell," explains Sutter in an interview posted in Latin Post.

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