‘Sons of Anarchy’ Theo Rossi Reveals 'The Price' of Being Juice Ortiz

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There is still time for Season 7 premiere of FX's hit TV series "Sons of Anarchy." This, however, has not stopped fans from speculating on the show's finale. The actors of "Sons of Anarchy" aren't spilling spoilers to confirm their speculations, but they do not mind sharing their "Sons of Anarchy" experience. Also, they are touring Australia to answer fans' questions.

Lead star Theo Rossi, who plays the conflicted Juice Ortiz, recently shared his difficult moment while playing his part. The tattooed star told Confidential that he was required to lay naked on a carpet. "I'm sure that carpet cost $3 because every time I laid on it, my ass got torn up. I was so red. It was like: 'There goes another layer off my butt," says the actor during the interview.

Together with other "Sons of Anarchy "cast, Rossi is scheduled to appear in a moderated Q&A session in Australia for the SOA cast tour. Sergeant at arms Tig Trager, played by Kim Coates, and SAMCRO's secretary Bobby Munson, played by Mark Boone, are set to shed some light on what to expect in SOA's season 7.

"It's amazing. I'm on the other side of the world and getting to see the reaction of a different community. This is crazy," Rossi said, talking about the Australian tour.

When asked about the last episode of the show's season 6, Rossi revealed that his future in the last season is still uncertain, knowing that he helped Gemma in disposing the evidence after she killed Tara. "I was getting "RIP"s every 14 seconds on Twitter. It's this beautiful poetic thing Kurt has created with this character: Juice has done so much wrong, but he's never done wrong intentionally," says Rossi in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"That's why I think it's a really interesting relationship with Gemma and Juice. I'm really interested to see how that goes," he said.

Rossi and the rest of his gang will be at the Palace Theater on Thursday night, March 27, Eatons Hill Hotel in Eatons Hill on March 28 and Metropolis in Freemantle on March 30.

The actor is set to star as a violent meth dealer in the upcoming movie, "Meth Head." Tom Sizemore and "Inception" actor Lukas Haas are also part of this movie. 

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