‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7: Who is the Homeless Woman and What’s Her Role in Jax’s Life?

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Now on its final season, "Sons of Anarchy" fans are still wondering who the homeless woman is and what her role in Jax's life could be. She appeared seven times on the show, and each time, it seems that she is representing something when Jax and Gemma are struggling to fight their inner demons.

Fans discussing the homeless woman noted that she appeared for the first time when Gemma gave her some money and appeared again on the season 1 finale when Jax found out that Tig and Clay were responsible for Donna's death. After finding out the truth, Jax went on a bender and wound up falling asleep in the graveyard where John Teller was buried and wakes up with a blanket given to him by the same woman.

In season 2, she also appeared twice: the first time is when Gemma was waiting for Unser outside the church after she was raped by SAMCRO's enemy. Gemma even asked her if she knew her, but the homeless woman vaguely replied, "Everyone knows me." And she was even in the shrink's office when Gemma was trying to seek professional advice after the rape incident.

The homeless woman made another mysterious appearance in "Sons of Anarchy" season 3 when she appeared in Belfast when Jax was following the husband and wife who adopted Abel after he was kidnapped. The husband even gave some money to the homeless woman who was asleep on the ground before going their way. If fans will look closely, it's the same homeless woman from Charming.

In season 4, the homeless woman also appeared when Jax and his family are on a picnic trip and Jax sees her from a distance right before Tara was kidnapped. In most cases, the appearance of the homeless woman gave Jax a sign that something big is going to happen. Her last appearance was in season 5 finale, where Jax saw her "petting" a doll in a garbage bin, as he continues to walk away with a confused look.

"The homeless woman is who she is and represents what she represents," says series creator Kurt Sutter. He further explains in his video blog WTFSutter that he has no intention of explaining her for more than what the audience sees and wants fans to make up their own theory or interpretation.

Technology Tell notes that Sutter has implied that the homeless woman is either a guardian angel or Jesus Christ himself. However, others think that she is John Teller's love child or she could be a physical representation of the lead's internal conscience.

Will she appear on "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 finale?

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