‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Update: Final Season to be Extended [VIDEO]


"Sons of Anarchy" series creator Kurt Sutter is brewing new ideas for the hit TV series' season finale. Now on its seventh season, "Sons of Anarchy's" creator revealed his intent to expand the final season by adding additional episodes to accommodate more road-rashing biker drama.

Sutter revealed the good news in his latest WTF Sutter webisode and says that he has "inquired" about expanding the "Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 to its usual 13 episodes. He also pointed out that there are many factors that could prohibit the show from extending and one of which is FX hit's rising licensing fee as making extra episodes may not be very cost-effective for the network.

For the past seasons, "Sons of Anarchy" ever-expanding runtime has become a favorite topic in critical circles. The show's Season 6 is famous for frequently extending episodes from 60-minute to 90-minute mark, often with extraneous subplots which drew a lot of talks for their show.

Sutter claims that he is "really trying to do my very best" to keep the upcoming installment to a 60-minute runtime but with so much secrets to uncover for Season 7 there could be a chance that it could exceed the 600minute mark. So if the additional episodes will not work out for Sutter, he can always extend the time for each 13 episodes of the series.

The upcoming premiere of Season 7 will pick up weeks before Tara's death and Sutter has confirmed the returns of CCH Pounder's DA Tyne Patterson, "Deadwood" star Kim Dickens as Diosa madam Collete and Peter Weller's Charlie Barosky.

The show's frequent guest Drea de Matteo will return to the show as regular and her presence could add more drama in Jax's life due to Tara's death. Given how strongly Season 6 ended, the Season 7 is going to be explosive when Gemma's secret is going to be exposed.

Sutter also revealed that rocker Marilyn Manson may contribute musically for "Sons of Anarchy" final year. Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on FX in the fall of 2014.

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