‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: Will this be the End of Tig Trager?

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Known as "Sons of Anarchy's" Tig Trager, Kim Coates is back in the show's season finale for FX last hurrah of the MC drama. Series creator Kurt Sutter recently revealed that "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is scheduled to premiere on September 2014 with lead stars returning to reprise their roles and guest stars who will stir up Charming one last time.

On his recent interview, Kim Coates who plays SACMRO's violent member revealed that he hasn't decided how he'd like his character to end for SOA's Season 7. Now that Clay is gone and Gemma is digging herself a deeper hole for killing Tara, Tig is going to take a side if wants to stay alive.

When asked how he likes to end his character Coates is turn between a dramatic ending and a bloody farewell. "Part of me wants to be the guy who has a smoke in one hand and my dog in the other that shut the club lights out with my nose," Coates said. "And part of me wants to go down in a hail of bullets."

"If it ends up to be somewhat Hamlet'esque in its metaphors there might be one or two of us left alive and that's it," he added.

"Sons of Anarchy" has often been compared to Hamlet thanks to show's double-crossing family drama. For so many ways, most of SOA's characters end up with morbid fates just like the famous Shakespearean play.

SOA followers know that Tig has been on August Mark's hit list and he has been seeking the kill him since Season 6. With so much going on now with SAMCRO, Tig could be one of the members who will meet its end before the final episode thanks to the big bounty on his head.

One of the series' survivors, Coates' character is one of the most complex and unpredictable member of the MC gang. Very loyal to a fault, Tig and Jax does not usually see each other eye to eye and that could be his downfall for the show's final season.

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 will premiere on Sept. 2014.

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