‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: Sutter Avoids of Having a New Sheriff to Charming, Watch Out for an Explosive Ending!

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Now on its final season, "Sons of Anarchy" cast and crew are prepping for the show's most explosive season as they try wrap the motorcycle drama series. Kurt Sutter, "Sons of Anarchy" series creator, recently revealed in his YouTube video blog WTF Sutter that he is trying to avoid of introducing a new sheriff to charming.

According to Sutter, all sheriffs in Charming are all dead except for Wade and this time he is trying to avoid the same story line. The writer feels the killing the town's sheriff has been over done throughout the six seasons, and wants to avoid the same story at all cost.

Now that it's one season left, SAMCRO and Jax have so much going on including the death of Tara and finding the person behind her brutal ending. Season 7 promises more death or a lot of people will end up in prison as the story of the club unfolds.

Season 6 ended brutally to Tara and the club has a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up for the next season. Guest star Drea de Matteo will return as a series regular after cleaning her act and she will definitely take care of the boys while Jax is hunting for Tara's murderer and cleaning up his club.

Gemma and Juice's future is still uncertain and the Jax's wrath is going to be unforgiving once he finds out that they are involve in Tara's murder. Now the questions is, will Juice rat on Gemma?

Sutter also revealed his plans of inviting "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul who plays Jessie Pinkman on AMC's hit TV series. He said that it would be "fun" to get the actor on the show and also revealed on Twitter that the show is casting for new female characters.

Other cast members who will be returning for the final season includes Petter Weller as Barosky, CCH Pounder as Patterson and Jimmy Smiths as Nero. The first episode of the Season 7 has been written and writers will start on episode 2 next week.

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