‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: Series Creator Kurt Sutter Talks about ‘Breaking Bad’ & SOA Similarities, How he Wants to End the Show [VIDEO]

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"Sons of Anarchy" series creator Kurt Sutter recently revealed that the show's secondary characters will not be back on a regular basis. Sutter also gives little tidbits of the show's finale as one character that has a cameo on the previous season will have a comeback and some new law enforcements in Charming.

Sutter recently revealed in his YouTube video blog "WTF Sutter Season 7" that CCH Pounder and Kim Dickens will have a limited appearance on the show due to other commitments. According to Sutter, Pounder and Dickens will only appear in two to four episodes.

From guest to season regular, Drea De Matteo will be back for the show's final season and Petter Weller will be back as director. "Peter will be back definitely as a director for at least two episodes," says Stutter, "and we definitely will have [Barosky] back."

Sutter also revealed that Peter wants Barosky back and said: "Guy like Barosky never dies, those guys they're just like cockroaches they live through everything."

Uncer will also live through season 7 and according to Sutter Dayton Callie who plays Uncer on the show regularly informs him that "his father live seven seasons with cancer." Sutter and his writers also discussed that there might be some porn on the show that is if Fox will go easy on them.

According to Sutter's recent interview with Vulture, he admitted of watching few episodes of "Breaking Bad" and found out that "it was just a little too familiar for me in terms of my own show." So he made a conscious decision not to watch the show but looks forwards of watching it when he is done with "Sons of Anarchy" finale.

"There's a lot of similarities and thematic things that are just going to feel similar because you're dealing with guys who break the law but still have some sense of conscience and the characteristics of antiheros," says Sutter in an interview with Vulture.

"I know that there'll be overlap, and I know that there will be similarities to the way my show ends and the way Breaking Bad ends and I'm sure the way Boardwalk ends, but you really can't start thinking in terms of, "Well, I don't want to do it that way," or "How can I be different?" because then you're ultimately putting unnecessary handcuffs on your process," he concluded.

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