‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: The Return of Wendy, Can She Stand Her Ground with Gemma or Will She Have the Same Fate as Tara?

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From the show's guest star to series regular, actress Drea De Matteo is known for her role in FX's hit MC drama "Sons of Anarchy" as Wendy Case. The blonde actress was upgraded into a regular as Jax's first wife and biological mother of Able as the show is down to its last and final season.

Best known for her role as Adrianna on HBO's "The Sopranos," De Matteo appeared sporadically on "Sons of Anarchy" Season 1 to 6. Now on its seventh season, the 42-year-old actress will reprise her role as the junkie Wendy who turned her life around after she was checked in to rehab.

Now that Wendy is back, examiner.com formulated two predictions for her homecoming in Charming, and one of which is the obvious reason that she will start to take care of Able. Now that Tara is gone, she will step-in as the boy's mother including Tara's son who is now motherless after his mother was murdered by his own grandmother.

The second theory of the Web site is that Wendy will fight for her custody with Able and that could give Jax and Gemma a real scare if she can prove in the court that she is clean. But based on previous seasons, Jax could use Wendy as his new old lady to take care of the kids without being bothered with his MC business.

The only obstacle is that Jax hates Wendy so much but the SAMCRO president might reconsider Gemma in his life to honor Tara's wish before she died, that Wendy is going to take care of her boys. But based on the Wendy's past, she could mess up again and she could be one of the characters to get killed off for Season 7.

Another theory is that Wendy could be working with the DA to bring the club down and her access for information is to be with Jax. One interesting twist about Wendy is that she knows a lot about the club and Gemma, and she could be the one who figure out Gemma's role on Tara's death.

Whatever it is, there will be a lot of drama for "Sons of Anarchy" Season 7.

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