Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Spoilers: Pilot Starts 10 Days After Tara’s Death, No Flashbacks & Tig’s New Romance

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Charlie Hunnam
Cast member Charlie Hunnam speaks at a panel for the television series ''Sons of Anarchy'' during the FX portion of the Television Critics Association Summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California August 2, 2013. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

In the recent Television Critic's Association summer press tour in California, "Sons of Anarchy" show creator Kurt Sutter sit down with the panel together with executive producer Paris Barclay and lead star Charlie Hunnam as they give a few tidbits on what to expect with the upcoming season. Currently in production, "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will kick off 10 days after Tara's death and Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam will be seen in prison as he mourns for his dead wife.

On a mission to avenge his wife's brutal death, Jax will make some alliances in prison as he plot his own vengeance to the person responsible for her demise. "Jax's singular purpose for most of the season is to avenge her death," the tattooed series creator revealed as Hunnam described Jax's state as "schizophrenic."

"Considering I'm a week-and-a-half behind writing episode 7, it could all change. I've always had a sense of where I wanted it to go, and I come in each season with a blueprint with the big arcs and mile markers," Sutter told the panel revealing that the final season is still a work in progress.

The highly anticipated season finale is now being developed and Sutter assured fans that there will no flashbacks as he is not keen of bringing back dead characters. After a long legacy of betrayals and murders, SAMCRO's saga is coming to a close with more body counts with the club supporting Jax as he "set in motion the brutal machinations that will lead to complete and merciless retribution."

Just because Jax is not getting any love this final season doesn't mean that the rest of gang is not getting any. "There's a very exciting romance," the "Pacific Rim" star told the TCA panel. "I don't want to tell you anything about it. Trigg's getting some year." Fans of the show are betting that Tig's romance will be with transgender escort Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) who will be returning for her final appearance in the show.

Other stars who will be joining the SOA ensemble cast include rockers Marilyn Manson as white supremacist Ron Tully and Courtney Love as Jax's eldest son Abel's school teacher. "The Bridge" star Annabeth Gish will join the cast as Charming's new sheriff assigned to solves Tara and Sheriff Eli Roosevelt's death, and the latest addition to the cast is Malcolm Jamal-Warner who will play as Sticky, T.O. Cross right-hand man.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will kick off on Sept. 8 at 10 P.M. on FX.

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