‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: Latest Casting News, Happy & Ratboy Are New Series Regulars

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SAMCRO is in a lot of trouble and now that Tara and Clay are dead the whole club is in need of loyal crew to back Jax up for his next move. Now that "Sons of Anarchy" is on its last and final season, the biker series is promoting two of the show's recurring stars into a regular status, David Labrava who plays Happy and Niko Nicotera as Ratboy.

SOA season 6 is a big season for the show as the club loses one of it s founders, Jax dealing with Tara's death and the fall of the MC's clubhouse. Deadline reported the promotion of the two stars as they join the show in a full time basis.

Nicotera first appeared on the show's season 4 while Labrava was used to be a member of Hells Angels and appeared in the show's first season. While the show's creator Kurt Sutter is not giving an concrete information about the "Sons of Anarchy" finale, there are some rumors that the controversial writer is brewing an explosive ending of the show.

After Tara's death, Jax is heading into a big trouble when he finds out (spoiler alert) that his mother is behind Tara's death. With 20 members dead in the last two because of the gun business, Jax who is acting SAMCRO's president will do anything within his power to get out from Irish grasp and move ahead with their porn business.

Another recurring star who was promoted to a regular status is Jax's ex-junkie wife Wendy played by Drea de Matteo. The actress will play a bigger role for the show's final season now that Tara is dead and Jax needed someone to look out for the boys.

Season 6 ended with Tara trying to get Wendy onboard with her plan as she appoints the ex-junkie as her boys' guardian when something happens to her. According to Sutter the death for season 7 will be slowed down especially for the main characters.

"It would be difficult if I got rid of characters like Tig and Juice and Chibs, especially with Opie gone. They feel like family to people,' says Sutter. 'You have to be very careful not to be arbitrary in terms of who lives and who dies."

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is scheduled to kick in September.

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