‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: T.O. Cross & Grimm Bastards to Return, Kim Coates Revealed How Fans React When They Recognize Him

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"Sons of Anarchy" series creator Kurt Sutter revealed on his recent video blog WTFSutter that season 7 will welcome another MC the Grimm Bastards in the show's finale. Scheduled to premiere in September 2014, SOA's season 7 will also feature T.O. Cross who first appeared on the show's season 2.

"Looking forward to seeing @MikeABeach (T.O. Cross)," Sutter wrote on his Twitter. "I'm fascinated by the delicate racial balance that exists between MCs."

Cross and his gang helped SAMCRO convinced Marcus Alvarez to replaced the Calavares' when the club switched their business from dealing guns to drugs. After the problem was settled, the gang appeared again in season 5 when they hid Randall Hightower after he was released from prison.

Hightower is the guy responsible for Opie's death and Jax tracked him down until he killed him despite Cross pleading for his life. Although there are no details about the Grimm Bastards' upcoming cameo, Sutter is certain that the MC gang will have their final cameo on the show's finale.

"Who hopes T.O. Cross & #GRIMBASTARDS get a little payback on Sons of Anarchy season 7?" Cross wrote on his Twitter account and tagged Sutter, Theo Rossi and Kim Coates.  A fan responded with another tweet saying, "They will but watch out, the sons always win in the end."

How Kim Coates Unwind

After an explosive season 6 finale, "Sons of Anarchy" star Kim Coates needed a long vacation after a draining season of playing Tig Trager. During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Coates revealed that out of the many bikers on "Sons of Anarchy" it was only him and Mark Boone who can ride a bike before the show.

When asked the reactions when people recognize him, Coates confessed that some would scream while others stare. "I get the absolute fear, with ''I can't possibly say anything, but that is the guy," says Coates.

"Or I get the ones that stare forever until I finally go, ''What's up?'' and they go ''Sorry to bother you, can I take a picture?'' And hey, if you can't love your fans, you're a douchebag, and I do," he added.

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