'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Spoilers: 'Breaking Bad' Star Set to Make an Appearance in the Season Finale?

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"Sons of Anarchy" series creator Kurt Sutter recently revealed on Twitter that one of the stars of the hit drama series "Breaking Bad" is going to make an appearance for the show's finale. Now on its Season 7, Sutter is hoping to cast Golden Globe winner Aaron Paul, known for his role as Jesse Pinkman who partners with his chemistry teacher who turned out to be a drug kingpin.

When asked who he wants to cast in the show, Sutter revealed that it would be "fun" to get Paul on the show, according to Enstars. It was revealed recently that Paul is open to appear in the "Breaking Bad" spinoff show "Better Call Saul," so Sutter is hoping that the actor is open for a guest appearance.

When asked about the AMC drama series, Sutter revealed that the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman "was just a little too familiar for me in terms of my own show."

"There's a lot of similarities and thematic things that are just going to feel similar because you're dealing with guys who break the law but still have some sense of conscience and the characteristics of antiheros," says Sutter in an interview with Vulture.

Fresh from his success from "Breaking Bad," Aaron Paul is hitting the cinema with its highly anticipated film "Need for Speed," opening March 14. The actor recently made an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw prime-time, March 3, and watched the game with WWE superstars Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

Now that his meth-selling days are over, Paul is excited to do something with less drama and more adrenalin action. "Breaking Bad' was emotionally and physically exhausting," says Paul in an interview posted on The New York Times. "I loved Jesse Pinkman to death, but he was a broken, sad, tortured individual who just couldn't catch a break. I wanted something fun."

"Need for Speed" is based on the popular racing video game and it tells the story about Tobey Marshall. Played by Paul, Tobey is a diamond-in-the-rough grease monkey with awesome driving skills of a world-class auto racer.

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