‘Sons of Anarchy’: Season 7 Promises More Naked Charlie Hunnam?

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"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 production is scheduled to start pretty soon and fans of the biker series are hungry for some news on what to expect for the show's finale. Theo Rossi who plays Juice Ortiz in the biker series recently revealed in his interview with EW the difference between "naked Jax" and "naked Juice."

Known for his loyalty for SAMCRO, Juice is one of the most complex characters in Kurt Sutter's biker series and Rossi is looking forward for SOA season 7 for he "literally gotten to play every single emotion an actor can play." He described his character for the final season as the "guy who's kinda floating in the abyss now and you don't know where he's going - which I think is the most dangerous part about him."

The show's season 6 ends with a bloody finale and Juice will find himself betraying Jax once again as he helped Gemma clean up her mess after brutally killing Tara. The actor who usually sports a Mohawk haircut expects that his character's role will be intensified now that he is going to face Jax's wrath when he knows the truth.

Even fans are worried about his future with SAMCRO that's there's even a "Save Juice" page on Twitter and Facebook. With so many similarities to Shakespeare's "Hamlet," Rossi can only dream that Juice is still standing at the end of the series.

And speaking of endiing, Rossi also hinted that fans of the show will have more "naked Jax." "Here's the difference with naked Juice: He's never been naked Jax," says Rossi as he tries to differentiate his character from that of Charlie Hunnam's.

"Naked Jax is cool. Naked Jax is in the shower, naked Jax is on top of a girl, naked Jax is doing something with his big back tattoo that you're like, 'Wow.' Naked Juice has been in a diaper. Naked Juice has OD'd and puked everywhere from Gemma's hand in his mouth. Naked Juice is never a good thing. So when I hear things like that, I assume that anxiety will follow."

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will start on September. 

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