'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 News: 'Breaking Bad' Star Set To Make A 'Fun' Appearance in Final Episodes?

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"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul may just be part of the final season of "Sons of Anarchy." The motorcycle drama's producer, Kurt Sutter expressed his hopes on Twitter to cast Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, in the seventh season of "Sons of Anarchy." When he was asked who he would want to appear in the show's final season, he replied that it would be fun to get Paul on the series.

Aaron Paul has also expressed his hopes to be part of the "Breaking Bad" spinoff show, "Better Call Saul" and if he indeed lands a roll on it, he would need to find room in his schedule to make a guest appearance on "Sons of Anarchy." Fans immediately got excited with one replying: "What do we have to do make this HAPPEN?" At this point though, it appears to be hypothetical because Paul has three other films on the way as well. Neither did he comment when Sutter tagged him in the tweet.

Sutter said that he is nearly done writing the first episode of season 7 and will continue working on episode 2. He revealed that the show is also casting for new female characters, saying that with many characters dying in the show, even the most prominent characters are not safe from a high turnover. The following cast members will return for the seventh season of Sons of Anarchy: Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla, Peter Weller as Charles Barosky and possibly CCH Pounder as Tyne Patterson. Katey Sagal as Gemma and Charlie Hunnam as Jax coming back is already given.

As Enstars reports, CCH Pounder has recently signed for the pilot episode of NCIS: New Orleans and is expected to return to Sons of Anarchy for a limited amount of episodes. Kim Dickens as Collette Jane has also reportedly signed for a new series entitled "Backstrom" and this could potentially limit her appearance in the seventh season of "Sons."

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere in fall of 2014 on FX and while there is no specific start date yet, Sutter is reportedly trying to have the final season extended beyond the usual 13 episodes, noting that a lot of episodes in season 6 went beyond 60 minutes.

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