Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Maggie Siff Turns 40, Actress Not Expecting a Happy Ending but a Redemption

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Recently celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday, June 21, "Sons of Anarchy" Maggie Siff will not be joining the ensemble cast of FX biker series on its seventh and final season. Known for her role as Dr, Tara Knowles, Siff's character was killed off in the show's season 6 finale, "A Mother's Work," and prefers to watch the final season as a fan and not an of an actress in the show.

Like a blessing in disguise, the actress may not be going back to work anytime soon for she is busy taking care of her newborn child, Lucy. But even though her character was killed off in the finale of SOA season 6, she is still excited of what's going to come for season 7 as she chose not to read the script ahead of time.

When asked if anyone in SAMCRO will get a happy ending as the show bids its final goodbye, Maggie revealed that she is not expecting a happy ending but a redemption for the biker gang. "It's an interesting question," she said in an interview with Zap2it during the 2014 Critics' Choice TV Awards on Thursday, June 19.

"It's hard to imagine 'Sons of Anarchy' ending happily but I can imagine some kind of redemption for some people along the way, maybe," she added.

For Maggie's character, season 6 is one of her wildest season as she tries to keep her family away from Charming she faked both a pregnancy and a miscarriage. But all her plans went haywire and found herself dead in a sink with a carving fork in her head, thanks to her husband's mother, Gemma.

"My eyes sort of rolled back into my head," said Siff in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) when she was asked to explain her reaction about her final season in the show. "My first an actor was how to make it believable, that she would do this and go to these lengths."

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is scheduled to kick off on FX in September.

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