Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Leah Michelle’s Possible Roles, Could She Replace Tara in Jax's Heart?

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Known as Rachel Berry in TV's musical series "Glee," Leah Michelle is one of the big names rumored to join the biker gang in FX "Sons of Anarchy." "Glee's" executive producer Paris Barclay endorsed the singer to SOA's creator Kurt Sutter in the show's seventh season.

Barclay recently tweeted a photo of Michelle at the Kid's Choice Awards to Sutter and captioned it: "Yo, @sutterink! She ready for CHARMING, or what?." Sutter seemed to be excited to the idea as he replies, "Smoking hot. All class. Charming could use a p**** upgrade."

Now that "Glee" is gearing up to end its musical years, Michelle has been vocal to try new things and is looking to star in "American Horror Story: Freak Show." But it seems that Barclays has other plans for her as she can try to do some edgier roles with "Sons of Anarchy" season 7.

Here are some possible roles for Leah Michelle if she decided to join SAMCRO.

Aaron Paul Character's Old Lady

After Sutter expressed his interest to cast the "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul there are rumors that he could play as Jax's long lost brother. The actress could play as Paul's old lady if he decided to join SAMCRO and wants to get to know Jax who is currently the president of the biker club.

"Imagine Paul as a member of another charter or club, with Michele as his old lady. It'd give her the chance to show off a much edgier character than the world is used to seeing from her," according to

Jax's Old Lady

Now that Tara is gone, Jax could use a new old lady to take care of Abel and Thomas. Based on season 5's bloody ending; Jax is going to stop on nothing just avenge his wife's death but it doesn't mean that he can never take an old lady again. The two stars will look good together and playing Jax's old lasy could give Michelle a mature role to play.

Cara Cara Escort

Now that SAMCRO is out of the drug business, the club's porn business Cara Cara with Nero could use a new girl. "High Musical" star Ashley Tisdale also made a cameo as a high-class prostitute and The "Glee" star could definitely play as one of Nero's girls in the show's upcoming finale.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 returns on FX in September.

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