Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Katey Sagal Threatened by Fans With Carving Fork Sign

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Known as SAMCRO's matriarch in FX biker drama series "Sons of Anarchy," Katey Sagal will reprise her role as Gemma Teller in the show's seventh and final season. Currently filming for SOA latest season, Maggie Siff revealed on her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, that fans are threatening Katey with a carving fork sign when she went to a fan gathering.

"I saw Katey the other day, and she said she went to a fan gathering, and people were coming up to her with carving forks to sign," said Siff who plays Dr. Tara Knowles in the popular biker series. "People have different investments in different characters, but people were definitely shocked and upset to some degree or other."

The Emmy-award winning actress recently posted a photo of her on Twitter on what appears to be on the set of the show's upcoming season. Married to the series creator Kurt Sutter, Sagal is wearing a black top decorated with multiple thin chains, a matching leather jacket and a pair of stylish sunglasses. She is also carrying what appears to be an iPad Mini while standing next to a sheriff.

She captioned the photo with: "Who's counting down to #SOAfx? Here's your first look at season 7 Gemma. #Samcro." SACMRO is officially back in Charming and Latin Post reported that Sagal might be visiting her TV son Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) in prison.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 6 ended with a bloody finale featuring Gemma Teller murdering her daughter-in-law in the episode "A Mother's Work." Now that Tara is out of the picture, Siff who is currently nominated for Best-Supporting actress in a Drama Series in the 2014 Critics' Choice Awards said that has some idea on what is going to happen on season 7 but nothing too specific.

"[Showrunner] Kurt [Sutter] and I had talked about what was happening, and he sort of told me some ideas he had about what this season would look like," she revealed. "But I don't want to read scripts. I want to see it with everybody else. I'm excited. It's going to be weird and kind of great to just watch it on television."

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