'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7: Charlie Hunnam & Aaron Paul as Brothers?

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"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 is still in the making but series creator Kurt Sutter is giving juicy tidbits on what to expect for the upcoming series finale. "Breaking Bad" star and Emmy winner Aaron Paul has rumored to play a cameo for the show's season finale and he could be playing Jax Teller's brother, played by Charlie Hunnam.

The "Need for Speed" star SoA cameo rumors started when Sutter tweeted out: "I think it would be fun to get @aaronpaul_8 on the show." Although there's no word yet from the actor, fans of the MC series are crossing their fingers that the actor will take the offer and Sutter can hook Paul with a great role that could give the show a new twist.

According to Examiner, putting Hunnam and Paul side by side will be a great arc for the show, and they could definitely pass as brothers. Since Jax has already a half-sister in Ireland, a half-brother from the states is not bad at all, and Paul will definitely fit right in on a Harley while donning a leather vest and chains.

Aaron's character could be Gemma's long-lost son, according to the Web site. The 32-year-old actor could be Gemma's baby whom she gave up for adoption years ago and having him in Charming could a sibling rivalry between the brothers.

"Paul could show up a fine upstanding citizen and Gemma could corrupt him in a couple of episodes," according to Examiner theories. "From suit to leather, that would make a great story line and if anyone could corrupt someone quickly, that would be Gemma."

Before inviting Paul to do a cameo for ''Sons of Anarchy" Season 7, Sutter revealed the similarity between SOA and AMC's "Breaking Bad." Walter White's story "was just a little too familiar for me in terms of my own show."

"There's a lot of similarities and thematic things that are just going to feel similar because you're dealing with guys who break the law but still have some sense of conscience and the characteristics of antiheros," says Sutter in Vulture's interview.

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