Sons of Anarchy Season 7: The Bloodiest Season Ever, Death Will Become Jax in the SOA Finale [VIDEO]

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With two more months before its fall premiere, FX "Sons of Anarchy" is prepping for its seventh and final season with the promise that it's going to be the bloodiest season ever. Series creator Kurt Sutter recently revealed that his hit outlaw show will be as bloody as "Game of Thrones" Red Wedding, and it could even be bloodier than the hit fantasy show.

Recently released the show's teaser for "Sons of Anarchy" finale, "Hell Awaits" features SAMCRO's president Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam as he rides in the middle of the night. The teaser also gives away what fans could expect for the highly anticipated season finale as the shadows of a skull repeatedly pass over his face as he drives on a dark highway.

SOA season 6 ended with "A Mother's Work" that concluded the life of Dr. Tara Knowles in the hands of the biker gang's matriarch, Gemma Teller. Now looking for his wife's murderer, Jax is going to hell and back just to find the person responsible for wife's brutal death, and based on production pictures Jax will be serving sometime in prison as the show opens in fall.

"Sons of Anarchy" showrunner Kurt Sutter promises the bloodiest season for the series as one Twitter user asked him, "On a scale of 1 to Red Wedding, what are we in for here?" The tattooed creator replied: "Let's just say you'll soon be calling that other episode BED WETTING."

The famous "Red Wedding" is GOT's season 3 finale that featured a scene that killed several major characters of the show. With so many death within its previous seasons, fans of the show could only expect the worst now that story is wrapping up.

"We are in the process of breaking episode 7, which is usually a big episode for us," Sutter revealed on his video blog. "It's sort of, it ends up being ... the same way a premiere sets in motion the bigger elements of the season, episode 7 tends to bring some of those things to some sort of conclusion, then sets up what will ultimately be some of the bigger story elements that will bring us into the end of the season."

He also added that after episode 4 of season 7, the show will only get darker and darker. "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is due to premiere in September.

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