'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Airdate, Episode 3,4,5 Written, Creator Kurt Sutter Says Last Season Will Have Different Tone

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"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 is all set to premiere this September and according to creator Kurt Sutter the last season of the biker series will have a different tone altogether.

Regarding various speculation on how season 7 will unfold, Sutter posted on his Twitter account,

"And S7 is completely in iambic pentameter, filmed in black & white, and the antagonist is a schizophrenic tree nymph."

Stutter revealed on his official You Tube channel that the Season 7 production will start on May 25 and various drafts of episode 3,4, 5 are already in tow.

"So there are various drafts of 3, 4, and 5 being written," he said, adding," Production is slated to begin around May 25. All that's looking good. I'm excited when I think about the season. I think tonally it will feel a little different," reported Epoch Times.

Sutter further suggested that final seasons are the hardest to shoot. However, he said that he is trying that he and his team do not come under pressure while writing the last season.

"Final seasons are always, it's always difficult. My goal this season in terms of myself creatively and my team is that it's just another season, that there's not the weight and we're writing to the expectation of writing to the end or the final episode or any of that [expletive]. It's just another season in the mythology of these characters, only when episode 13 airs this season, there won't be any more relevant story to tell, or at least there will be a sense of a chapter shutting. But I just wanted to do what we do and not have it feel different, if that makes sense, and that ultimately the story wall unravel to a point."

"Sons of Anarchy" is one of the most popular series on television right now and according to Sutter with a new season there will be a new story.

"Not that there's no more story to tell-because you never want to leave an audience, I believe, with a completely shut door, you want them to have a sense of completion but yet giving them the dignity of their own imagination and trying to imagine where it goes from there, at least to me that's the kind of storytelling I dig. So that's our hope."

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