‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 4, Episode 1: Director, Cast & Kurt Sutter’s Birthday

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FX "Sons of Anarchy" showrunner Kurt Sutter recently announced in his latest YouTube update that season 7 premiere is all set and the first episode will be directed by Paris Barclay. He also announced that episode 1 cast got their script on Saturday to prepare for production which is set at the end of this month.

Sutter also revealed that Paris and his team had their first meeting for pre-production and fans of the show will have to get ready for another killer season. As one of the executive producer of the biker series, Barclay will helm the first episode of the show's season finale and season 7 will be his fourth straight year to head the SOA premiere.

Best known for using a rotation of familiar directors, Sutter who recently turned 48 is personally hoping that Peter Weller is still available for directing rotation for season 7. Based on the three past seasons, Barclay has helmed three episodes and Sutter is hoping that all the experienced directors are all available since pre and post-production requires an extensive amount of work.

Now starting to cast new roles, Sutter also disclosed that the script for episode 2 is done and episode 3 is underway. His team of talented writers are currently drafting episodes 4 and 5, and episode 6 "is on the board."

Kurt Sutter's Birthday

Born May 5, 1960, Kurt Sutter is an acclaimed screenwriter, director, producer and actor. One of his famous work includes directing, writing and producing on the hit TV series "The Shield." Hired as a staff writer for the first season of the series, Sutter proved that he can do more when he appeared as an Armenian mob hitman Margos Dezerian in an episode that he wrote, "Blowback."

After the show's first season he was promoted as story editor for second season in 2003, and wrote the episodes "Scar Tissue" and "Dead Soldiers." In 2004, he joined the production team as a junior co-producer for "The Shield's" season 3. All in all, Sutter have writer or co-written 18 episodes in the show and became an executive producer.

In 2008, he created and executive produced "Sons of Anarchy" and was show's head writer and showrunner. He also cast his wife Katey Sagal tp play SMACRO's matriarch Gemma Teller and hired several crew members from "The Shield."

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