‘Sons of Anarchy’: Meet Morgana McNelis, The Girl Who Captured Charlie Hunnam's Heart

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Although Charlie Hunnam who plays SAMCRO prince Jax Teller may have lost his "true north" but the English actor is very much in love with girlfriend Morgana McNelis. One of the world's sexiest man, Hunnam has been dating the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer for over six years.

Known for his MC show "Sons of Anarchy," the 33-year-old actor has been with the show for five years and his on his last season of the series. The handsome couple started dating in 2007 but managed to stay away from the public eye and maintained the air of mystery around them.

So who is really the girl who captured Charlie Hunnam's heart? Known for her jewelry line called Maison de Morgana, Charlie Hunnam's girlfriend specializes in "mixed metal jewelry" with various geometric shapes and edgy styles.

According to Wet Paint, the couple has been living together since 2007 and are no fans of the Hollywood lifestyle. They even moved to a more countrified residence outside the city where they can have their privacy without the public eye's scrutiny.

"I don't go to parties - I don't jive it up with the Hollywood crowd," Charlie revealed in an interview with UK's 7 Nights magazine posted in Daily Mail. "None of that c**p interests me at all, and actually, my girlfriend and I just bought a ranch, so we are getting out of Hollywood completely."

"It's in California," added the actor. "We've got 30 chickens and a couple of donkeys, a couple of ducks and we've got a big, organic garden. We are going to try to live a bit more sustainably."

When it comes to the design of her jewelry, Morgana draws her inspiration from eclectic variety of sources. Her unconventional methods becomes her signature in all her designs taken from neo-gothic, Alexander McQueen and the macabre aesthetic of Coppola's "Dracula" down to  the avant-grade couture of Ricardo Tisci.

Although she is supportive of Charlie's acting career, she enjoys being away from the limelight and likes to give back. She created a line of jewelry called the BC Armor Collection and donated the proceeds in the Boot Campaign, a worthy movement that cultivates patriotism and provides assistance to military personnel, veterans and their families.

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