‘Sons of Anarchy’ FAQ: SAMCRO’s ‘Men of Mayhem’ & Their ‘1%’ Patch

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After six incredible seasons, "Sons of Anarchy" is on its final season but fans of the MC show are not ready to say goodbye just yet. One of FX's most popular TV series, SOA is about a fictional Californian biker gang and often times compared to Shakespeare's "Hamlet."

Now on its seventh season, many fans of the show are still wondering about the famous "Men of Mayhem" and their famous "1%" patch. Although it was never said out loud on the show, SAMCRO's "Men of Mayhem" are the most feared men and it means a member has killed someone for the club.

Kudos to the show's writer and researchers for staying true to the MC lore, "Sons of Anarchy" use the "Men of Mayhem and their 1% patch to give the show an authentic feel. Known as the patches that signal violence and aggression, these men are the one who uses "supreme violence" on behalf of the club.

The "Men of Mayhem" could not abuse its license to kill but has to wait for SAMCRO's vote on whether or not a certain individual should "Meet Mr. Mayhem." However, what makes it confusing is that only three of the members have the "Men of Mayhem" patch. Jax, Clay and Opie have the patch since the very first episode and out of the three men only Clay has killed anyone at that point.

And as the show progress Tig, Chibs, Bobby and Happy are seen killing people and but they never got to the wear the patch. The 1% patch refers back to the statement by the American Motorcycle Association that "99% of motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens..." This leaves the 1% as the law-breaking members of the gang.

The SOA's "AMA" patch signifies that 99% of the MC members are law-abiding citizens and does not belong to the 1%-ers. According to some Outlaw lore, a member who wears an Ace of Spades patch means having done a contract killing.

Scheduled to premiere in Sept. 2014, "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 offers a multitude of possibilities for all its leads and for SAMCRO, there will be conclusion to Jax's saga in the show's finale.

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