‘Sons of Anarchy’: Charlie Hunnam in SOA’s Finale & Living a Life of Obscurity

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Now on its seventh and final season, FX "Sons of Anarchy" lead star Charlie Hunnam who plays SAMCRO prince Jax Teller wrapped up season 6 finale with an ultimate testament of his genuine love for Tara. Playing a character with such conflicted emotions, Hunnam as Jax Teller is like a dream come true to him and the show's six seasons has been an exceptional experience for him as an actor.

Shooting the final scene of "A Mother's Work" is one of the most emotional ride for the cast and now season 7 is scheduled to premiere on September 2014. Thanks to Jax's unstable mom Gemma Teller, SAMCRO's president lost his long-time love and is on the hunt for Tara's murderer for season 6.

"Charlie Hunnam was great in those final moments. It hardly seemed like acting, his reactions to seeing Tara's body there on the ground," revealed SOA's senior staff writer Matt Barone in an interview posted on complex.com. "Very devastating, especially coming from a character who seemed like such an asshole all season, and had nearly lost all of my sympathy."

With a lot of love and leather for season 6 finale, season 7 will open up doors for Hunnam to further explore his character now that his "true north" is gone. Tara is always been his guiding light and without her Jax is a ticking time bomb who is going to explode anytime soon.

When asked about the fame he is gaining for his successful TV series and movie offers, the English lad revealed that he has no plans of getting rich. Being famous is not even a part of his plan when he entered the crazy world of show business.

"I have no interest in being rich; I don't care. I actively don't want to be famous, but and yet I still find myself compelled to be an actor because I like telling stories, you know?" revealed the 32-year-old actor in an interview posted in about.com. "I mean I live such a private life and I'm so quiet. I don't go to clubs and I don't get into crazy relationships with starlets or anything like that so, you know, I think there's a real choice."

"I mean that's always been my dream, that I could just live a little obscure life and then make movies once in a while because I felt from a very young age that I was like on the cusp of an existential crisis since I was about three years old. And I think that film, to me, for whatever reason, feels like a worthy enough endeavor to spend one's life doing.  Then you die at the end of it and you made two or three good films - that's enough for me," added the actor.

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