Sonia Kruger Paranoid of Losing Her Baby Conceived Through IVF

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Sonia Kruger, who announced over the weekend that she is 16-weeks pregnant, after conceiving through IVF, said in a recent interview that she is paranoid of losing her baby.

49-year-old Sonia Kruger, who announced that she is four months pregnant on social media on Saturday, told Mornings co-host Richard Wilkins on Monday that she is extremely nervous since she had suffered miscarriages in the past. While her partner, TV executive Craig McPherson has six children from his previous relationship, this will be Kruger's first baby.

Having waited for so many years, Kruger was naturally thrilled upon getting to know about her pregnancy and anxious at the same time, as she didn't know what the future had in store for her.

The popular television presenter became emotional as she explained how it felt when she first saw the heartbeat. Referring to the experience as "incredible and wow," Kruger said, "I became paranoid, convinced I would go for the next scan and there would be no heartbeat. There's still a long way to go but fingers crossed. The past 16 weeks have been on a bit of a knife edge." Kruger was accompanied by her partner, McPherson.

After failing many attempts to get pregnant, and after enduring several rounds of IVF and miscarriages, Sonia Kruger made it clear that she used a donor egg given by her friend and said that her baby is nothing less than a miracle.

Speaking to the Australian Women's Weekly, Sonia Kruger addressed all women above 40, who think that they can afford to wait to conceive. Citing her example, Kruger said that women sometimes tend to have the wrong notion that they can get pregnant whenever they want. As per the 2011 statistics, only 630 women above the age of 45 managed to deliver, accounting for 0.2 per cent of births that year.

It was over the weekend that Sonia Kruger decided to announce to the world about her much awaited pregnancy. "Hey everybody, here's a fun fact - I'm having a baby #overjoyed #newhousemate," Kruger wrote on her social media account. She posted this along with a snapshot of her in designer heels beside a pair of kitty-print baby socks. A statement, issued by her, said, "It has been a long road but Craig and I are delighted to finally confirm we are having a baby. At 16 weeks pregnant, I am over the moon and feel I am now able to share the happy news."

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