Sonia Kruger Expecting A Baby Girl Through IVF By February

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Actress Courteney Cox found success through IVF, File photo, Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
TV Star Sonia Kruger also opted for IVF for a successful pregnancy. File photo, Reuters/Mario Anzuoni Reuters

Sonia Kruger has recently opened up about her pregnancy journey and experiences. The star is definitely very excited about her pregnancy as it has come after several heartbreaking failures.

The Australian TV presenter recently claimed in a candid interview with The Australian's Women Weekly that she has earlier faced several failed IVF attempts, as well as numerous miscarriages, before her present pregnancy.

The 49-year-old media personality revealed recently that she and Craig McPherson are expecting their first child together. Kruger, who turned 49 recently, admitted that they were trying for the baby through natural ways, as well as through IVF in the last several years.

On a show named 'A Current Affair' with Leila McKinnon, the TV personality revealed some more details about her pregnancy. The egg has been donated by one of her very close friends. This procedure has eventually made the pregnancy possible. "The egg came from a very good friend of mine," the TV star shared. "We were having a conversation about it one day and she knew that I had struggled", Kruger stated. She then added, "Look it'd all be fine if you would just give me one of your eggs!"

After the advice from her doctors, Kruger has taken this decision of opting for an egg donor. "At my first round of IVF at 45, my doctor said my chances of success using my own eggs were virtually zero," she revealed on the show.

This pregnancy means a lot to her as she has experienced a series of miscarriages earlier in her life .The identity of the lady who donated her eggs is still kept under wraps.

The star announced earlier on Twitter that she is almost 16 weeks pregnant with her partner of five years. The star now declared on the same show that she is actually expecting a baby girl, who is due in next February.

Best known for her charming skills as a co-host of the Australian version of the show 'Dancing with the Stars', Kruger is currently hosting the ninth season of Big Brother show.

Few other stars who opted for IVF after medical advice are Halle Berry,Celine Dion and Courteney Cox, as per ivillage.

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