Some Women Living in Hell: Magazine Highlights Sex and Abuse, Uses Young Women on Covers

By @jenillecristy on

Disturbing magazine covers featuring children surfaced in the internet.

Sex and abuse as well as slavery and child bride issues were featured in covers of three glossy magazines which recently gained much attention in the internet.

The magazines Child Bride, Good Slavekeeping and Thirteen which showed three faces of abuse on women and children had surfaced over the internet recently. Children posing for the magazines reflect disturbing stories hidden from plain sight, where modern slavery still exists. Only, the magazines were fakes and were parts of a campaign on abuse against children, young and adult women.

The campaign is called "Cover Stories" and was released by a crowd funding platform Catupult.

Catapult is a platform dedicated to equality. The organization envisions "a world where all girls and women are ensured of their basic equal and human rights".

The release of the faux magazine covers was in relation to the International Women's Day on March 8.

As of today, millions of girls are sold to slavery. Moreover, millions of young girls are forced to marry older men. On September 2013 for instance, an 8-year-old child bride from Yemen died after suffering from internal injuries. The young girl suffered from severe bleeding after her groom, a man five times her age, forced himself to hers on the night of their honeymoon. The death of the Yemini child created an outrage from concerned citizens and women rights advocates. This specific issue is what the covers of the magazines aimed to feature.

Aside from the photos of children on the covers, each cover also contains titles of articles that reflected horrifying but real situations happening in the world today. Titles like "35 days to train the PERFECT Slave", "Hide those bruises with 35 easy make-up tricks", and "Exercise Secrets: You Can Get In Shape for Giving Birth at 14!" were some distressing titles on Child Bride, Good Slavekeeping and Thirteen respectively. 

The witty covers aim to inspire people to take action. They aim for people to be aware about women issues and do something about it. More about the campaign can be found at the Catapult Web site.

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