Some Men who Pay Tribute on the Death of Attenborough

Facts on an exact Man behind the Screen: Attenborough
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Sir Richard Attenborough
Sir Richard Attenborough attends British television actor John Thaw's memorial service at St Martin in the Fields church, London, REUTERS

David Cameron, a British Prime Minister pays tribute to Richard Attenborough, "truly great man of both the cinema and the arts", his agent said. Actress Mia Farrow, a co-star of Attenborough in a movie "Guns at Batasi" in 1964 reminded him through her twitter account, "Richard Attenborough was the kindest man I ever had the privilege of working with. A prince. RIP 'Pa' -- and thank you".

Bafta explicit its former president as a "titan of British cinema", who created a good example for the "industry, in the realms of skill and compassion".

Peter Bradshaw is a British writer and film critic said that "Richard Attenborough's death: a sad day for the British film industry". David Terence Puttnam, a British film producer and educator said, "We have lost someone utterly irreplaceable.

Peter Bradshaw remembers about the irreplaceable position of Attenborough that he has occupied in the family, movie, country and especially in the life of Peter Bradshaw that was incomparable with anyone or anything else in the world. Peter says the word irreplaceable may be over used in the world, but in the case of Attenborough is quite relevant and accurate. Peter continues that in the 40 years of competitive world he never hear an unkind or wrong word from Attenborough; he gets only support throughout the year and during both good and bad time in the career.

Peter Bradshaw also remembered the quote of well-known English writer and saint, Aelred of Rievaul who lived 900 years ago, "The spiritual friendship that exists between people of integrity springs out of their common attitude to life, their shared moral outlook and the kind of activities they engage in", which is quite applicable in the life of Attenborough.

Attenborough was a life president at the Chelsea Football Club London, which he joined in 1969 and the club paid tribute to its president. When the financial condition of the club was very poor, the Oscar winning actor supported the club and maintains his shares. Part of his profits from the movie he used for Gandhi's own ashrams in India.

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