Solution to Your Old Unwanted Phones Comes with MobileMuster Scheme

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Finally, a solution to old unwanted phones is just within reach as MobileMuster announced its scheme of increasing its recycling programme to up to 127 tonnes of old and unwanted phones within the next five years.

MobileMuster will be accepting donation of old unwanted phones as it targets to recycle up to 127 tonnes yearly in the next five years as a solution to Australia's approximately 23.5 million unused old phones.

MobileMuster is the only not-for-profit institution that recycles old mobile phones and accessories in Australia free of charge.

On Friday, it received the accreditation as Australia's first voluntary product stewardship scheme under the Product Stewardship Act 2011.

Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, gave the accreditation and recognised the organisation's achievements over the past 16 years and the mobile industry's commitment to continue to keep old mobile and accessories out of landfill and recycle them responsibly in the future.

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), that manages MobileMuster, spent over $36 million in the not-for-profit program since its establishment. To date, MobileMuster was able to recycle 8.8 million old devices - a total of 1,100 tonnes of mobile phone and accessory e-waste.

 "Our members and partners work tirelessly to ensure that the promotion, collection, transportation and recycling of old mobiles is done with transparency and accountability and MobileMuster has some of the highest rates of recovery in any recycling program across the world," said Hakan Eriksson, Deputy Chair of AMTA said in a statement.

"The announcement today is an honour for the mobile telecommunications industry's product stewardship program . It recognises the leadership role MobileMuster has played over the past 16 years and our expertise in developing best practice , ethical recycling programs," AMTA's Recycling Manager , Rose Read, said.

MobileMuster had significant role in reducing the need to mine for 36,295 tonnes of precious metal ore because of its recycling program. This is tantamount to keeping 2,400 cars off the road, planting 53,000 trees or preventing 8,781 tonnes of CO2 . The program is also essential in diverting tones of potentially harmful substances from landfill.

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