Solange Knowles and Jay Z Were Spotted Buying Jewelry Together in New York!

  @Ze_Charm on May 14 2014 5:44 PM

The brawl between Jay Z and Solange Knowles has been the talk of the town; a surfaced video of the altercation shows Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyonce, getting physically violent with Jay Z. Solange was alternating between kicks and punches aimed at Jay Z. The music mogul, however, did not retaliate at Bey's younger sister.

Meanwhile, the "Drunk in Love" singer just watched the scuffle between her sister and her hubby ensue without trying to intervene. When things got out of hand, a bodyguard was seen trying to forcefully restrain Solange Knowles from further physically hitting Jay Z.

It is not sure what the cause of the altercation is although various rumours have cropped up with regard to the ugly scuffle between Solange and Jay Z. The violent brawl between Solange and Jay Z happened during an after party at the Met Gala specifically at the Standard Hotel. After the scuffle, Jay Z and Beyonce's entourage including Solange exited the hotel where photographers captured an irate and conspicuously pissed Solange, whereas Beyonce managed to crack a smile to the shutterbugs that awaited.

While the reason to the scuffle remains to be a question, a report by TMZ claims that Solange and Jay Z were spotted checking out jewelry in a store in New York. The two were seen browsing through collections of jewelry at Mr. Flawless, a high end store in New York.

According further to TMZ, the pair did not show any signs of strife or awkwardness. The duo looked at the expensive gems with Mr. Flawless himself but tried nothing on. The controversial pair left the store without buying anything.

Could the pair be shopping for a piece offering to Beyonce?

Meanwhile, Beyonce posted a cryptic message on her Instagram after the altercation that ensued between Solange and Jay Z at the Met Gala after party. The post was basically a prayer that asked for guidance about 'relationships'-a possible reference to the strife she is experiencing with her sister and husband. Beyonce and Jay Z have yet to comment about the incident. 

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