From Social to Showbiz Networking, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mobli are in the Game

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As social networking sites keep popping up like mushrooms in a damp forest, Leonardo DiCaprio is following the footsteps of fellow celebrities Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher and has just led a $4 million round of funding for a company called, Mobli, a social network for "real-time visual media" based in New York.

This sector world has seen a lot of movement from celebrities, but it raises a question: Do these people really have the knowhow or even know the fundamentals to advise a technological company's structure and direction?

According to Mobli's chief executive Moshiko Hogeg, it's not about the technological aspect or knowledge, it's about DiCaprio knowing and understanding marketing and branding. In his advisor role, the company wants him to work with his image.

Popular, an everyday name in most countries in the world, a high profile celebrity -- having DiCaprio on board in any company wouldn't hurt the image and just might be what they need to bring in more revenues and possibly even more potential investors.

Maybe Mobli will prove the next big thing on the Internet. You have Facebook, which practically has real-time photo sharing, there's YouTube with video sharing, and you have Mobli, a kind of mashup between Facebook and YouTube affording real-time video sharing so your fans can see events unfold live.

DiCaprio might have made the right decision in putting up his money in Mobli, and with pockets as deep as his he can afford to lose money if the ship sinks. 

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