Social Media Went Crazy about Toronto Mayor Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Show

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Canadian politician Rob Ford never ceases to entertain people, for better or worse. Recently, he was even mentioned by Adam Sandler while he expressed his love for Drew Barrymore on "The Tonight Show". The latest feather in the hat for the Toronto mayor seems to be his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he intends to "sell" Toronto, CBC News reported.

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Social media went crazy about Mr Ford's appearance on the late night show. While his spokesman Amin Massoudi used Twitter to post the photo of Mr Ford along with Randy, his brother, and Mr Kimmel just before the talk show at 8pm, it confirmed the earlier rumour about his appearance on the show. He is expected to appear on the show on Monday March 3. Mr Ford, who has been at the centre of attention especially after his coke-consuming scandal, claimed earlier that he would attend the Oscars on Sunday.

While Mr Ford and his team seem quite excited about their appearance on the talk show, several netizens exploded with sarcasm about Mr Ford being the guest on the widely popular TV show. Some were shocked and some were blatantly unimpressed about it. Twitter users were particularly articulate about their feelings.

Phatone (@phat1one) tweeted that a bottle of maple syrups would be thrown in from Toronto with love if Los Angeles decided to keep Mr Ford. Julie M. Pieterse (@JulieMPieterse) seemed unhappy about the entire incident as she asked Torontonians to write an open letter to Mr Kimmel asking him not to enable Mr Ford as a celebrity. Edward Keenan (@thekeenanwire) said that he could not wait to see Instagram selfies called featuring Vanity Fair party-goers exhibiting their meeting with Mr Ford.

Billy (@TFCHooligan69) felt that it was "perfect" that Mr Kimmel could find Mr Ford after scraping the "bottom of a barrel". David Capparelli (@capparellidavid) thought that Mr Kimmel choosing Mr Ford as his guest showed what was wrong with the present world. Kelly Oxford (@kellyoxford) called Mr Ford's appearance on the show her "dream-come-true". Jane Hogg (@jemhogg) predicted that Mr Ford might be seen "dancing with the Stars" soon.

#robfordoscar did have its share of fame. It still does.

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