Sochi Olympics 2014: Emblazoned Phone Number on Helmet of Russian Snowboarder Causes Crash of Mobile Phone Due to Excessive Naked Female Images Received

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YouTube/The Fumble

Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev probably saw the Sochi Olympic Games as his chance to meet many women, Russians as well as foreigners, by placing his mobile phone number on his helmet.

He wore the helmet at the Thursday qualifying round, giving him his 15 minutes of fame.

The trick apparently worked because he got more than 2,000 texts and naked photos of women on his mobile phone. However, it also caused his unit to crash, along with his ambition for an Olympic medal because he didn't qualify for the slope style finals.

It wasn't just his helmet that Sobolev gave exposure but also his snowboard which has an illustration of a woman attired in black ski mask wielding a knife. It happened to be the same outfit that Pussy Riot, a feminist rock group whose members were imprisoned when they held an impromptu show in a Moscow church in February 2013, wore. The group sang a song that hit Russian President Vladimir Putin and his link with the Orthodox Church.


When asked by Russian media if his board was a political statement, he evaded answering directly by stating, quoted by Sports Yahoo, "Anything is possible. I wasn't the person who designed the board."

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