SOA Charlie Hunnam & 'True Blood' Alexander Skarsgard Top Actors Considered to Play Thor

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After playing Thor thrice in a movie, Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth definitely owns the role and the title as the Asgardian Prince. But before he landed the coveted role, other Hollywood hunks were considered to play the famous hero including "Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam and "True Blood" actor Alexander Skarsgard.

The soon-to-be-father of twins apparently didn't shine through during his audition and he was put aside while other actors are trying to score the once-in-a-lifetime role. Known for his role as Jax Teller in FX motorcycle club drama "Sons of Anarchy," Charlie Hunnam is one of leading actors vying for the role of Thor.

At the end, Paramount and Marvel narrowed it down to two actors who are perfect for the role and the New Castle born actor lose the part to Chris who ultimately snagged to play the God of Thunder. Now after losing the part, Hunnam was cast opposite Brad Pitt in "Pacific Rim" and is now eyed to play the lead for Warner Brother's "Aquaman."

"True Blood" vamp Alexander Skargard was also considered for the role and unlike Chris who is an Aussie, Skarsgard is a true blooded Scandinavian. A native from the region where the mythological Norse God originated from, the 37-year-old actor could be a best fit for the role as he hails from the place where it all came from and give a little authenticity for the part.

Another hot contender for "Thor" is Chris' brother Liam who happens to ace his audition for the part. After months of narrowing down his choice, director Kenneth Branagh enlisted Liam as one of the top candidates but ended picking his brother who wasn't even in the top of the list.

It was after Chris' second audition that he impressed Branagh including Marvel Studios. "We did two or three interview sessions before we tested him," revealed Branagh in an interview with THR. "We pretty much knew as we were shooting the test that he was the guy. It seemed, across these meetings, he had grown into it. He understood it better. And crucially, he was at ease."

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