So Why Do Most Girls Go GaGa Over Robert Pattinson? Top Reasons In Pictures! [PHOTOS]


It would be hard to think of many girls who would say that they do not like him. So what makes this Hollywood hunk such a loveable guy to all the gals out there? 

No one expected that there will come a time when girls would fall for a monster like that of Edward in 'Twilight.' Robert Pattinson, who plays the most coveted role has become one of the most desired guys of his own generation.

Good Sense of Humor. When you watch most of his interviews, you would surely notice how easy it is for him to make anyone laugh. And this makes him all the more outstanding especially during moments when he gets to sign a lot of autographs for fans.

Down To Earth. Many from the press people have attested how humble this guy is especially when he enters any interview session. In short, everyone finds him very warm to talk to that you would not hesitate at all to approach him when you stumble upon him across the street.

Handsome Looks. Of course, this reason would never be missed out. He has the good looks that can be considered as unconventional and a personality that is pretty dynamic, he won't allow you to get bored when you watch his films.

Charismatic. Despite the numerous other hunks present out there in Hollywood, Pattinson's charisma is his key to robbing the spotlight from anyone without any conscious effort. He gets to shape his hair into odd looks that do not affect his good looks. He also has his own way of revealing a very mysterious smile that makes any fan think deep about him.

Bookworm. If one would think that all hunk guys are just like "dumb blondes," then think again. Rob loves reading and this is one reason why most of his movies are based on books.

Anything else you may want to add especially if you are an Edward Cullen fan? Let us know!

Check out more of his admirable pictures in the slideshow!


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