Snake Eats Crocodile in Australia Video Goes Viral [Watch Video]

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Shocked onlookers in Queensland Australia watched on as a python swallowed a crocodile whole after over 5 hours of fighting with the reptile. The pictures of the fight have been uploaded on YouTube and the video has gone viral.

The snake wrapped itself around the crocodile to first kill it and then proceeded to slowly swallow its victim. Pythons generally wrap themselves around their prey to suffocate its victim and crush the bones to make it easier for it to swallow the prey, but in this case the crocodile proved to be a formidable foe.

The fight between the two reptiles reportedly took more than 5 hours near Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa and the local residents took pictures of the incident. The battle mostly took place inside the lake and later the snake brought the dead crocodile to land to eat.

After the crocodile died the snake reportedly took only 15 minutes to eat it. Onlookers were able to see the snake belly become full with the body of the crocodile. Onlookers quickly left the place after witnessing the incident.

Queensland is known to be home to some of the world's most fierce snakes and crocodiles in the world. Pythons attacking large animals like crocodiles are not unheard of. Some of the pythons tend to grow quite large over the years, allowing them to prey on larger animals. It is however rare to capture such incidents like the viral video from Australia.

A few years ago a man in Kenya narrowly escaped death after a python had him in its coils. The man reportedly stepped on something soft, only to find his legs quickly wrapped by a big python.

The snake dragged the man up a tree and the struggle reportedly went on for hours. The man was able to loosen the snakes grip by biting it and smothering its head with his shirt to keep it from biting him.

The man was able to reach his cell phone and call for help. Local villagers and police reached the spot and pulled down the entangled man and snake down from the tree, using a rope. They were able to save the man, who escaped with just a few bruises. The villagers had captured the 13 feet snake but it managed to escape.

The makers of the viral YouTube video of the snake swallowing crocodile in Queensland, Australia may not forget this incident for a long time.

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