A Smart TV is Born: Apek's MaxPad, the First Touch TV With Windows 8.1

By @judithaparri on

Apek, a Brazilian-based company, has announced the launching of MaxPad,

the world's first "smart TV" with Windows 8.1.

MaxPad is the world's first Windows Touch TV in three screen sizes: 63.5 inches, 50 inches and 39 inches. This is currently sold in Brazil in quite expensive offerings. The 39-inch model costs $5,400. The 50-inch variant is at $9,000 while the 63.5 inches or the biggest size can be yours at a whopping $12,000.

Only a thousand MaxPad units will be sold in a year, followed by another 50,000 in the next 5 years. This revolutionary feature uses Windows 8.1 operating system. It means it can recognize different types of motions such as a simple touch or a rotating movement. It boosts a 100-degree angle camera for video conferencing.

The smart TV can increase your productivity by showing your favorite movies and can serve as a desktop PC or a tablet. It allows taking screenshots of the content you are watching on TV and connecting with your favorite social network friends.

Apek MaxPad sports full-HD multiscreens, powered with 3.8 GHz quadcore AMD Chip, ATI Radeon HD7660, 60 GB SSD, 500GB HD  graphics accelerator, which enhance its performance for video output in high-definition or as a storage of your favorite multimedia content.

Wrapped in stuff of 10 mm thick frame with a total weight of 75 grams makes it a light-weight portable LED TV. It is equipped with an 8 GB operational memory and built-in camera of 5 MP resolution for video calling. Maxpad has a DVR feature allowing the user to rewind live TV shows for a maximum of 150 minutes. An inclined table attachment orients it in any direction at a maximum angle of 45 degrees.

Interaction with Apek Maxpad is made possible not only with the touch display, but also with the aid of a multifunctional console for remote control. It has TV buttons on one side and a wireless QWERTY keyboard on the other. Its Air Mouse makes it a full-on entertainment for the home, office or any business and service establishment.

The Touch TV also comes with color customization options and different hardware configurations.

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