Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Dead Space 3, Fire Emblem: Top 3 Video Game Releases

Video Game Releases Set for February 4 - 5


Fans of stealth video games, horror shooting games, and 3DS strategy RPG will have something to look forward to this week, as three anticipated video games are set for release today and tomorrow, February 5.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening is set to hit stores in North American on February 4, while European release is slated for April 2013, repots NintendoLife.

In its first look at the game, Destructoid reports that gamers may notice the limited customization options, but this is quickly made up for by the many tools that can be used to customize the experience during battles, specifically for battle overlays and speed, and even customization.

Best of all, Fire Emblem: Awakening is also all about well-written dialogues, intriguing twists in the narrative, and a strategy RPG that would keep you rooted to your Nintendo 3DS for a while.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

In anticipation of the game's release, Ghostbot the animation studio behind Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time has released a short video, reports CinemaBlend.

"Working on the 2D cinematics for the game with Sanzaru was loads of fun," said Ghostbbot co-founder and director Alan Lau to CinemaBlend. "One of our goals was to convey the twists and turns of their story in an entertaining way. We also wanted to inject some real thought and dimension into each character's personality."

PlayStation Network for Plus users are already enjoying a demo version of the game since its release late last month, but gamers can look forward to this week's official February 5 release for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, reports GameSpot.

Dead Space 3

Fans of Dead Space 3 enjoyed the thrill of meeting and dismembering new necromorphs, playing through an artistically made visual design, and cruising through an excellent multiplayer mode.

Now, with the upcoming release of Dead Space 3, the question asked is just how scary can the latest installment when compared to its predecessor? With the release of the newest trailer, which dabbled more into the shooting arena than the scary one, fans are asking if this means a turnaround for the game.

In an interview with IGN, Visceral Games creative director Ben Wanat clarifies the direction that Dead Space 3 will try to take this time.

"You're always trying to elicit fear. I completely understand why people are asking about how scary the game is. When you see a different version of it, like when we did our first trailer, where we did a lot of elements people hadn't seen in a Dead Space game, people said, "Oh my God, Dead Space is just about shooting guys with guns,'" he said in a statement to IGN.

Get Dead Space 3 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on February 5.

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