Slimmer Apple iPhone 6 on the Way This September, iPhone to Feature MEMS Camera Focus Technology

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Apple always did fine with its iPhone cameras. Throughout the years, the company kept it modest unlike Nokia with the Lumia and Sony with the Xperia Z series. As other companies decide to take the notch further releasing, Apple stuck with its camera quality. It appears the tech giant wants to change that and take the iPhone 6 further with more pixels and enhanced camera functions. According to a new patent, Apple will be changing its approach to future iPhone cameras. 

According to Moor Insights & Strategy, Apple has patented a camera technology dubbed MEMS autofocus actuator. The technology will allow the company to produce slimmer iPads and iPhones equipped with better camera. 

MEMS or "microelectromechanical system" can replace the existing bulkier and heavier microscopic silicon machines used in Apple products. According to Moor Insights & Strategy, Patrick Moorhead: 

"The patent is very important to the future of smartphones because it can fundamentally change the thickness of the phone and improve the speed of focus." 

"I would love to see this MEMS based camera inside the iPhone 6,"he said, "But I don't know just on the recency of the patent it will make it in, but I hope so." He added.  

MEMS can help Apple change the production process for iPhones. The camera can also be more stable allowing people to refocus images after taking the shot. 

"Smartphone cameras have replaced point-and-shoot cameras for the most part. They're important because you always have your phone with you and people want to capture those special moments," Moorhead explained. 

This is not the first time a smartphone manufacturer will include a refocusing technique. Nokia has already included it in its Lumia 1020. It was one of the major selling points of the device. The question is now whether Apple can adopt the technology and include it in the iPhone 6. 

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicted that the next iPhone may be released around September.

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