Slim-Build iPhone 6 Firms Up Ahead of Release Date as Apple Supplier Hints of Final Body Design

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6 in Sam Beckett's concept video Screenshot from YouTube Video

The iPhone 6 on release date is rumoured to sport an ultra-slim body finish that is accentuated with curved corners and the latest word from Asia suggests that the redesigned form-factor has been finalised.

In fact, Catcher Technology appears very confident that the metal chassis templates that Apple will use for the iPhone and iPad models this 2014 and next year will be sourced from its Taiwan-based production lines.

Catcher, according to DigiTimes, will supply the mobile device casing requirements of Apple over the next two years with little or no change on the design. That would mean the tablets and smartphones coming from the tech giant, beginning this year and up to the end of 2015, are externally identical.

The chassis maker, DigiTimes said, is convinced that "clients are unlikely to suddenly change their designs since doing so will require a sufficient capacity support and a long-term plan."

And in order to fulfill its obligation to Apple, Catcher has commenced its output expansion since 2013 and starting on the second half of 2014, the company is poised to ramp up its capacity by up 30 per cent, added the same report.

The same trend will either be sustained or further increased in the following year as Cather looks forward to also secure contracts from device maker in China and South Korea apart from its existing chassis supply agreement with Apple.

While the DigiTimes report offered no specs on the device housing, a new set of leaked images seem supportive of the persistent rumours that the next iPhone is not only metallic but also the slimmest and lightest ever.

From Australian blogger Sonny Dickson, pictures of the supposedly 4.7-inch iPhone 6 hit the Internet which the leaker dubbed in his tweet (already removed) as "100 per cent the real deal."

The photos bared the upcoming iPhone as taller and wider than the 4-inch iPhone 5S though it's hard to confirm the earlier reports that the device thickness has been shrunk to 6mm while squeezing a slightly bigger battery from its predecessor.

But while the side sections of this supposed iPhone 6 was not shown, the back plate provided clues to the reconfigurations applied on the camera and antenna. The latter was particularly remodeled not only to signal reception but also to eliminate the use of glass cutout in the area and pave the way for an all-metal iPhone 6, at least at the back portion of the device.

However, Dickson's claims can only be confirmed by Apple's official introduction of the iPhone 6 on September 9 2014 with the actual release date likely to follow a few weeks after or the latter part of the month.

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