‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Spoilers: Plenty for Ichabbie Shippers, Monster to Take on Headless Horseman, Premiere Date

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After the Season 1 finale of "Sleepy Hollow," there were some talks about creating a new, dangerous creature that will take on the headless horseman. Now, this creature has a name and it has been created with the head of the headless.

This new monstrous creature is called 'The Kindred,' according to TV Mega Guide Buzz. Roberto Orci, executive producer of "Sleepy Hollow," said to TV Guide, "It's sort of a doppelganger of someone you might've seen. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire."

Len Wiseman, executive producer of the show, had said that the new creature that the team "kind of controls but doesn't."  A dangerous creation, this new monster is as evil and scary as the Headless Horseman, according to Wiseman.   

Meanwhile, Tom Mison has said that there is plenty for the shippers of Ichabod Crane and Abbie in the upcoming season. "Lots for the Ichabbie shippers," Mison said in an interview given to Pop Sugar. Nicole Beharie teased about temptations in the purgatory.

Talking about how the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie will change in Season 2, Mison said to Zap2it, "After all this trouble that they've been through, their faith in each other has been tested and stretched at all times. How do you deal with that? That's something that we really, really deeply explore through the second season. We have to build this relationship up again."

Beharie said that there is kind of natural progression.

"Sleepy Hollow" Season 2 starts exactly at the moment the finale left off, Mison said to Variety, adding that they are hitting the ground running, "so there's no time for Ichabod or Abbie to sit back and consider what's happened."

Fox has announced that Season 2 of "Sleepy Hollow" will premiere on Sep. 22, 2014.

As reported previously, the freshman season of "Sleepy Hollow" consisted of 13 episodes. The sophomore season, however, consists of 18 episodes. 

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