‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 11 Spoilers: Demon Demanding George Washington’s Bible in “Vessel”

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"Sleepy Hollow" returns on Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 to air the remaining episodes of its first season. In the previous episode, Mr Crane gets to meet his wife, Katrina, thanks to the Sin Eater and also he gets to know what had happened to his son. The episode also revealed more on how Mr Crane's and Abbie's lives are entwined.  

"Sleepy Hollow" returns to air its eleventh episode, "Vessel." The new, evil adversary in this episode is Ancitif. He is a "minion of Moloch," according to the synopsis of the upcoming episode. Ancitif has the power to jump from one body to another, possessing it. He possesses his victims via physical contact.

The synopsis of "Vessel" reveals that Ancitif returns to Sleepy Hollow after seven years, and he seeks out Captain Irving. He asks Captain Irving to deliver him George Washington's Bible, which is shown as a "valuable resource in the war against Moloch." If Captain Irving is unable to deliver that Bible, his daughter's life is in danger.

Mr Crane and Abbie look for a way to defeat Ancitif, as they are "unwilling to cede to the demon's demand." They search Sheriff Corbin's archives for clues, and stumble upon a "startling discovery about the identity of one of the demons' past victims."

Also, the synopsis reveals that Mr Crane will find "themselves in a race against time as they try to obtain a relic fundamental to accomplishing their task." Captain Irving will take his own steps to protect his family. The demon infiltrates the ranks of Sleepy Hollow police department, which might put Captain Irving's family in peril.  

The two sisters, Jenny and Abbie, are likely to bond in the episode, as Jenny will open-up and talk about her secret past to Abbie. According to the official synopsis, "Abbie and Ichabod must find a way to save Abbie's sister, Jenny, who has been possessed by an evil spirit."

"Sleepy Hollow" consists of 13 episodes and it has been renewed for Season 2.

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