Is the Skinny Vine Rapper Bryan Silva Dead?

By @binibiningkd on

According a recent article on, the skinny Vine rap sensation Bryan Silva was shot dead at his own neighbourhood in Virginia after uttering the word Nigga a couple of times.

Fortunately for the fans of Bryan Silva, the skinny tattooed Vine rapper is not actually dead. As a matter of fact, the news is just one of the many Internet death hoaxes started by the infamous satirical news Web site. In the past, the Web site has been responsible for a number of online hoaxes like tales of Lil Terio being kidnapped, Sharkeisha being killed and the like.

The Web site is notorious for its stories about dying celebrities and other perils befalling folks in the spotlight. But, readers must know that anything published on that Web site is all meant for entertainment and nothing is legit. However, the story of Bryan Silva's death is still spreading like wildfire all over the Internet, with thousands of social media shares already.

An excerpt from the news article reads, "Around 11:00 a.m., Brian, 23, was gunned down just outside a doorway at 1840 W Broad St. He had been shot five times in the head, becoming the first Caucasian killed in the area for overusing the "N" word. At the scene, Bryan's body remained where he fell with a white sheet covering for an extended amount of time and in view of his relatives. Their emotions shifting from shock, to sadness and then anger. Silva's relatives were also calling for the demolition of the Virginia Community housing project saying "too many black people live there."

The body of Bryan Silva was allegedly found by his boyfriend Erick Harris, but then again, like the rest of the story of his death, this is also untrue.Thus far, upon hearing news of celebrity deaths, it is best to take a moment and Google for actual evidence before sharing it. The absence of another source might indicate that the news is just a hoax. Furthermore, checking the section of the source is important to make sure that the news is not labelled satire.

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