Sizzling Miranda Kerr Rocks in Black Bikini in Malibu Beach [PHOTOS]

Australian Model, Miranda Kerr Reunites with Husband Orlando Bloom and Baby Flynn in Los Angeles after a Busy 10-days in Sydney.


Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr rocks in black bikini while having a fun day at a beach in Malibu, California.

Joining the stunning international model is an equally hot husband, Orlando Bloom and the celebrity couple had a family day out with their little one, two-year-old Baby Flynn, who is a rising star on his own.

A picture perfect for a "perfect family" as the couple displayed strong love and affection while having the time of their lives with their only tot, Baby Flynn.

The 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret hottie flaunts her endless legs with shirtless Orlando, who, according to Just Jared was seen having a time of his life flying kite by the coastline.

Miranda, who has recently been named Ambassador for Australia’s Kids Help Line has just flew in to Los Angeles and reunited with what Pop Sugar referred to as the “two leading men in her life.”

She was in Sydney for ten days and had left no day unproductive as she had had a busy schedule during her stay.

The “model mom" as called the Aussie beauty, kept herself busy with David Jones commitments, gracing a number of events for the designer’s company.

Kerr also made headlines, even leaving onlookers agape when she got exposed during a KORA organics promotion in Palm Beach in Sydney, Australia.

The refreshingly beautiful model was photographed in a very compromising position as she was doing a cartwheel with a group of young ladies during the photoshoot.

Her busy schedule in Sydney last week has left Miranda no choice but leave her cute Baby Flynn in the States. In an interview with Australian journalist, Kate Waterhorse, Miranda asserted it was “not necessary” to take Flynn with her while fulfilling her duties in Sydney.

 “I did before but the jet lag coming from America to Australia and then I'm working back-to-back every day, it's not in his best interests . . . he is in a nice routine in his playgroup and he has got his friends and to just uproot him for 10 days doesn't seem necessary.” Kerr explained, according to Pop Sugar Australia.

As if to make up for lost time, Miranda Kerr didn’t waste any second and spend quality time with her family as soon as she got back in Los Angeles. Check out the series of pictures of the celebrity family here.

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