Six-Year-Old Canada girl Dies after Hit by Sedan in Crowded Store

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A Canadian child was killed after getting hit by a car. The 6-year-old girl died within a couple of days after she had been taken to hospital. The accident took place in Ontario when a car apparently crashed through a Costco store. The deceased girl has now been identified to be Addison Hall.

A red Monte Carlo crashed through the store and fatally injured little Addison. Her sister, 3, and her pregnant mother were also injured in the accident on Friday, July 25.

Police said on Sunday that the little girl could not survive the injuries she had received from the accident. Two other people were injured when the car hit the crowded Wellington Road South store. They were later released from hospital.

Addison's mother Danah McKinnon Bozek was, on the other hand, taken to hospital where she had to undergo an emergency C-section. Her condition, according to reports, was better than earlier on Sunday. The condition of Danah's new born baby as well as the other daughter, Miah, was critical.

The driver of the car was also injured during the accident. However, the woman in her mid-40s was released from hospital.

According to Sergeant Amanda Pfeffer, she is an "integral part" of the investigation. She said that police were still in the earlier stages of the investigation.

"This is a collision that impacted many people, including emergency responders, those available at the scene to render assistance and those at the scene that observed what transpired," she said.

According to witnesses, store employees as well as shoppers immediately helped the victims after the sedan critically injured them. Steve Bozek, the father of the deceased girl, posted her photo online on Saturday. Several Facebook users expressed their condolences for the loss. Later on, Steve made the photo as his profile picture.

Police are asking witnesses to give statements to help the investigation.

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