Sir Cliff Richard Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations, Furious Over Publicized Raid Of His Home

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Sir Cliff Richard In Serious Trouble
Sir Cliff Richard has denied all the allegations of child sexual abuse against him. REUTERS

Cliff Richard disclosed that he was completely aware about a sexual abuse case against him being investigated. He was even planning to come out in public with his legal team on the same issue, but the raid took place before he set his plans in motion.

According to sources, police have been investigating a case of sexual abuse that pointed to Sir Richard as the main suspect. The case revolves around the claim that the suspect sexually assaulted a young boy at an event in 1985. These allegations first emerged in 2012 when the alleged victim contacted Mark William-Thomas, who is an investigative journalist and former detective.

Last week, police raided Richard's Berkshire home in full glare of news cameras. Sir Richard and his team has been very furious as they were never given any warning before officers began bursting into their homes. Their reactions were given full BBC coverage as well.

The police has been investigating this case for more than a year , but not much evidence has emerged. The information they gathered are insufficient to even interview the 73-year-old British pop singer and famous philanthropist. Questions are also being raised about the necessity of involving BBC while conducting raids on his property.

The star is currently on a vacation in his Portuguese home, but is willing to co-operate fully with the law as even he is keen to clear his name from this mess. Richards will return shortly in a private jet to avoid a mob of media going crazy on his arrival due to last week's raid.

 "Cliff wants to know exactly what he's being accused of. He has made it clear he intends to fully co-operate with the authorities but he doesn't want to come back to a media circus," as reported by one of his friends. "He doesn't want a repeat of what happened on Thursday. He feels that was extremely unfair as the world watched the raid on the BBC."

The highly acclaimed legendary singer and musician has given some of the extraordinary works of music during his golden years. A whole generation has grown up humming some of his hit numbers, such as Congratulations, I love You, Summer Holidays, Bachelor Boy and Do You Remember.

MPs and attorneys are also standing by to support the questioning regarding the presence of media at his home during the raid.

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